Cell phone policy 

A Bochur should have (no more than a) simple cell phone (“feature Phone”) with talk and text only - NO Whatsapp and no internet access - data or Wifi. A Talmid should not possess any additional phones or devices, laptops, chromebooks, tablets or e-readers etc… etc… This will enable him to learn without the unnecessary distraction. 


If you need help finding such a device, here are a few contacts that can help you.


The Wireless Expert: 718-388-2355 Ext 203 Talk to Chezki, and tell him you are going to Chovevei Torah. he will help you find a phone that works with your current carrier.


TAG: 718.975.2941 They can help you filter a phone that you already own to fit it to the above requirements.

Here is a list of phones that can be filtered by TAG